Why Electric Cars?

This world is tipping and beeping as far as global temperature is concern. The emission of carbons into our atmosphere is trapping heat and depleting the ozone layer. And this process is warming Earth up.

Above all, mankind is looking at efficiency in mobility and still save his planet from this danger.

And since most of these carbons are released from our means of mobility, we need to revise this means. So there is this gradual shift from the fossil fuels or the cranking engines (internal combustion engines) to the spinning rods or electric motors.

Furthermore, the cost ratio of fuel consumption to car cost is far better when the swith is made. Looking at speed, electric vehicles (EVs) have higher torque compared to Internal combustion vehicles. And EVs are emission free, thus, they do not release any carbons into the atmosphere. So this generational switch is a win-win deal. You save your planet,you save money and you get your speed. EVs are near and futuristic. Most EVs have modern peripherals which makes the usability more fun.

Modern technology like Lidar, Radar, Automatic breaking system and motion sensors are built into Evs, making them autonomous ( self- driving) vehicles. Some concept cars do not even have steering wheels and that is some serious technology.

Others are also proving their EVs could be called smart cars because they behave as such. Some adjust seats to your body structure, there are cars that automatically regulate the temperature in your car by simply scanning your pulse and mood. Some Ev manufacturing companies have cars that could play music to suit your mood or conversation.

This is amazing and simply future. EVs are safe to drive because some are made of carbon fiber, which makes them light but stiff and strong. EVs have amazing speed and torque making them sleek and dashing.

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