The Levels Of Autonomous Driving

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We can not talk about electric cars without talking about autonomous driving or self driving cars. We are heading into the future, when almost everything around humans become self operative.

Looking at the mobility of the future and high productivity in the lives of people, Autonomous driving cars becomes necessary and normal. Over the years of car evolution, there has been Levels of cars been able to drive themselves. For example, your car being able to park itself between two cars, especially in a very strait space. This is a big solution to a big problem as far as driving skills is concern.

Well there are levels of Autonomous driving. Yes, it has been a gradual leap and jump into the future.

Level 0 – No Automation

At this level, the human driver is responsible for any mobility or move the car makes; From controlling steering wheels to braking and parking or stopping. Everything is under the control of the driver. The car does nothing and most cars on our streets or roads still have this zero ability.

Level 1 – Driver Assistance

At this level, the owner of such vehicle gets to have adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist. Adaptive cruise control maintenance a safe distance between your car and the car ahead of you with the help of cameras and radars to help in situations like slow moving traffic by simply applying automatic brakes, and resuming speed when traffic clears.

Lane keep assist also help put you in lane when you accidentally move astray. But in all these, the driver is still in control. The technology almost behaves like a copilot. There are many technologies like these and the adaptiveness of this technology varies from one company to the other.

Level 2 – Partial Automation

This is almost like level one, at this level the car keeps you in lane, controls your speed and steering for a short time. Don’t forget the human driver is still in control.

Level 3 – Conditional Automation

This level is the transition in to the future. Though, driver is still required at this level to take control over the wheel when the sense of the technology drives you into an undesirable condition. Yes, at this level the car can drive itself but the technology sometimes ‘fails’ due to the uncertainties on our roads. At this level, cars will drive themselves, apply brakes, maintain safe distance and safe speed.

Level 4 – High Automation

Level four cars are able to drive themselves without a driver. But these cars become destructed when it come across unknown terrains or obstacles.

Level 5 – Full Automation

This level is the future. The autonomous driving technology has seen phases of upgrade and modifications to be able to monitor terrain, light, speed of other cars, road conditions, traffic system and other stuffs through their cameras, radar and ladar systems to self driv

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