Electric Cars

Battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which is the best?

Though EV manufacturing companies are taking the world now but some other car companies believe in Hydrogen fuel cells.

Looking at where this world has gotten to as far as issues concerning Global warming tops the News, vehicles with Zero emission like Electric comes first.

Tesla has been a leading company worldwide with Electric cars. Elon Musk being the CEO released his Model S and just recently Model 3. but as we look at Zero emission cars, we must also look at the budgets or the pockets of the buyers or users.

Battery electric is just one of the ways to reducing carbon footprint. There are other ways. And there is one among them which is a technology we know and live with.

Car Manufacturers have experimented and succeeded in using Fuel cells to convert Hydrogen ( An element we have most in our universe or on this planet ) in electrical energy. Hydrogen is compressed and stored in liquid forms in tanks and through a process emits Water as a by-product.

Obviously, this Technology is complicated for mass production, but Toyota is saying otherwise with an actual released car which rides on hydrogen.


When it comes to comparing these two source of energy for cars mobility, what comes in minds are: RANGE, PRICE OR COST AND EMISSION.

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