Lucid Motors Just Unveiled Tesla Model S Competitor

This new EV starts at $80,000 and can beat Tesla Model S. Some says this new EV from Lucid Motors only beats Tesla’s model S on paper and not on field.

  • The Air is Lucid Motors’s first, all-electric sedan that boasts a spacious interior and a long range.
  • The base Air starts at $80,000, while the range-topping, limited-edition Air Dream Edition starts at $169,000.
  • The Air will be available starting in spring 2021.

In the world of luxury EVs, the Tesla Model S has largely gone unchallenged — until now. Now, we have the all-new, all-electric Lucid Air, which boasts incredible numberssleek looks, and a luxury price tag.

Lucid officially unveiled the Air, the company’s very first all-electric offering, on Wednesday. Already, the claimed facts and figures are attractive: It’ll run a quarter-mile in a claimed 9.9 seconds in its 1,080-horsepower setup, it can fast-charge and regain 300 miles of range in 20 minutes, and Lucid claims it has the biggest front trunk of any electric car yet.

With prices starting at $80,000 and going all the way up to $169,000 for the limited-production Air Dream Edition, the Air will be available in North America to start. The Air Dream Edition will be the first model available in spring 2021, the mid-range models will come around in mid to late 2021, and the base model will arrive last in 2022. Read More

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