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Tesla Texas Gigafactory plans revealed

Tesla’s construction plans for Gigafactory Texas have been revealed — showing massive buildings with an interesting shape.

After Tesla finally confirmed a site next to Austin for its next Gigafactory in July, the automaker started moving quickly to build the factory.

A contractor quickly took over the site and started ground preparation to clear a massive space to start construction at the 2,000-acre piece of land.

However, we didn’t know exactly what the factory would look like without the plans and most of the work to date mainly consisted of ground preparation.

Now Tesla’s control plans for Giga Texas have been revealed – showing the shape of the factory for the first time:

It appears to show a very similar shape as Tesla’s original plan for Gigafactory Nevada.

However, Tesla never completed Gigafactory Nevada and currently, only roughly 30% of the structure is up and standing.

The plan for Gigafactory Texas also seems to show a large alley splitting the structure in two.

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