Detroit auto show pushed back to September 2021

The organizers of Detroit’s yearly North American International Auto Show said that the next show show has been postponed to 2021.

Previously it was scheduled for June but have late it was confirmed that the 2021 Detroit auto show will kick start from September 28 to October 9 and Subsequent shows will also follow suite.

The Detroit auto show was getting ready for a face lift in 2020 when the organizers moved the show from its it’s normal January date to June as part of the show’s face lift. The revamp or the facelift of the show was to make it a festival that could be held in any part of the city, even outdoors.

The 2020 show was canceled because of Covid-19 coronavirus, therefore making the 2021 show to be the one to have the experience of facelift. Though there is a new format for the revamp, most of the show will still be held at Detroit’s TCF Center (nee Cobo Center) which has been the home for the show since 1965. Events like the The Gallery and Charity Preview will still go on like before.

“With seasonable autumn temperatures and technology and experiential activations positioned throughout the city, show visitors will be able to enjoy fall in a walkable, vibrant Motor City while embracing the future of the industry right before their eyes,”

Doug North, chairman of the 2021 Detroit auto show, said.

Less participation in traditional auto shows is an offset created by coronavirus pandemic because of social distancing law. Online auto reveals is causing a major revamp in traditional auto shows in order to maintain the traditional auto show enthusiasts.

Germany’s top auto show is set to kick start in Munich in 2021 after a previous shows being held in Frankfurt. The show will also look at urban and sustainable mobility solutions at the expense of luxury and high-performance cars that normally dominated the show.

The future of Geneva’s yearly auto show is also not resolved because both the 2020 and 2021 shows have been canceled, but organizers are considering running a new type of show in 2021 where only the press are invited.

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