Tesla Has Launched The Model 3 2021 And It Has More Range And Features

Tesla has now officially launched the Model 3 2021 refresh with more range and all the features we were waiting for.

Tesla has now officially updated its online configurator with the new Model 3 2021 refresh as anticipated and it’s equipped with quite a few more updates under the hood.

On top of the previously told aesthetic changes, Tesla has also made new efficiency improvements, including the new heat pump system.

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motors is getting a 30-mile range increase, upto 353 miles (568km ).

The other versions of the vehicle also got range increase:

  • Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus: now 263 miles up from 250 miles
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance: now 315 miles up from 299 miles

Tesla has equipped the new Model 3 vehicles with a new “efficiency package” that improves on Tesla’s already industry-leading efficiency and hence contributing to the longer range.

A lot more will be known once the improved efficiency from the EPA test results come out.

The new Model 3 has features like a powered trunk, new double-paned windows, and other aesthetic changes.

The interior is seeing a lot more bigger change: the new metallic finish steering wheel, which is now apparently heated, and the new center console.

The Model 3 has the auto-dimming mirror.

All versions are also has quicker 0-60 mph accelerations — this feature is most seen with the Model 3 Performance. The Model 3 has cut off another tenth of a second and it now takes 3.1 seconds to get 60 mph.

There are also minor changes, like a graphite trim near the seat control.

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