7 Tesla vehicles burned down in fire at Tesla store and police suspect arson

In the middle of the night, the fire department received reports of a fire at Tesla’s store and service center in Malmö, Sweden.

Local news SVT reported (translated from Swedish):

“It has burned in seven or eight electric vehicles in different places, on an area of ​​300-400 square meters, says Magnus Köhlin, rescue leader at the Rescue Service South, early in the morning.”

The firefighters concentrated their efforts on the burning vehicles closer to the building and managed to avoid that the fires spread to it.

They eventually managed to extinguish all the fires, but 7 or 8 Tesla vehicles were completely destroyed by the fire.

The cause of the fire is officially unknown, but Magnus Köhlin, the rescue leader, said that he has a hard time believing that it wasn’t started by an arsonist.

The police is investigating the incident as possible arson

It wouldn’t be the first time that Tesla vehicles were targeted by arsonists.

Last year, a Tesla Model X owner in Germany saw his car get set on fire and he believes it was due to “hatred toward Tesla.”

In another incident in Amsterdam back in 2018, two Tesla vehicles parked about 100 yards apart were targeted and set on fire by arsonists.

The motives behind those incidents are still unknown.

We have previously reported on many instances of hatred toward Tesla taking the form of vandalism in the past, but it rarely becomes as violent as setting cars on fire.

Interestingly, Tesla’s store and service center in Malmö also caught on fire back in 2017, but arson wasn’t suspected right way at the time. The fire started inside the shop and a service bay as well as several vehicles were reportedly destroyed in the fire. Read More

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